How To Make Money With Magic - Part 04

Published: 23 Feb 2012 by Vinh | Comments: 10

Ahoy hoy guys!

haha I thought I’d change the greeting up a little to keep you guys on your toes! (Clearly lame..)
Since the last post I went back through some of our old youtube videos and started to look at what kind of comments surfaced most frequently... So today we’re going to talk about criticism!

If we all lived in the perfect world and every one always praised us for what we did wouldn’t that be great? WRONG!! lol (I don’t mean to be so dramatic!) Guys think about it, if we are never criticised that just means that

1. people are most likely lying to us and

2. we will never improve.

Sometimes we forget that criticism is what we need in order to move forward and become better. Now having said this there is such thing as constructive criticism and destructive criticism, if it is constructive make sure you take the time to listen to the criticism and take everything on board. Where as if it is destructive then just ignore it! I am sure you guys will know the difference between the two when you see it or hear it.

Every time someone criticises me rather then thinking OM%$^^^&$!#@% WT@#%$. I think to myself “Hmm is this constructive?” if yes then I do an honest no BS analysis of the situation to see what I can learn from their comment. We have to learn to look at criticism as our friend not an enemy. It is only then that we can truly become great at what we do.

On the same point, how many times have you all been told “That’s impossible!”, “You can’t do that, John Bob tried it and failed”, “You’ll never make it, don’t waste your time” etc etc
Let me tell you guys something right now, we are only limited by our own our mind set. Do not let others influence you in a negative way, be determined to be who you want to be regardless of what people say. Don’t ever forget that you are the one that is in control of the choices you make in your life. I just want to boost all of you in the best way I can. Everyday there are people out there who are constantly putting us down, they tell us we can’t do this and we can’t do that... Well I am here to say YES YOU CAN period.

I need you guys to watch this video! I promise it will inspire you :)



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By Rodolfo

Wow, This is great! I am really Encouraged by this. I remember when i was a kid, my heart wrapped with magic, now i am still on it, and it makes difference. This coming March, i am going to a private elementary school to share a message, of course with the illustration of the wonderful art of Magic. I just came from the Province of Mindoro here in our country, and you know even tribes saw the Magic! Hehehe i will report it to you guys on my next e-mail.

Hope you continue these wonderful ideas to encourage individuals like us. Because we are not perfect, we still faces different hang ups and discouragements. Thanks guys

By chyvon ezekeil

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By Krsa

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By Rosecolin

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