How To Make Money With Magic - Part 01

Published: 03 Feb 2012 by Vinh | Comments: 7

Hi guys :)

I’ve decided to start a mini blog series on “How to make money with Magic”. So many of you guys have been emailing in and posting in the forums about this topic! I’m not the most qualified person in the world but I do know my fair share about making money with Magic and I am more than happy to share it with you guys.

First I just want to say that... If you going to go down the path of working as a Magician, I’m telling you now you are going to be hooked once you perform at your first gig and you get handed your first pay cheque. Seriously only then will you realise OMG I’m getting paid to have fun? WTH lol it’s just such a bizzare feeling you’ll love it. That’s the only caution I will give you.

Just before we get into it, I remember someone saying to me that “Anyone can be successful in Magic” at first I was thinking pft yeh anyone but me. But to my surprise I was wrong and that person was right! guys anyone of you can do it even me. Doesn’t matter what you do or where you are as long as you are determined and are willing to make the commitment to Magic, you can make it happen. This means that first you MUST have a CAN do attitude mixed with some discipline, 50 table spoons of practice, a positive mindset and you're ready to go :)

To begin this series I want you all to soak this quote in!
“The Magician is an actor playing the part of a Magician” - Robert Houdini

This is probably the most important thing you guys have to take in, becoming or being a magician is to be an actor who is pretending to be a magician. So what does this mean? In order to be a great magician you also must be a great actor. Now I’m not saying you have to be Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt lol but you will need to know the basics of acting. I mean think about, have you ever watched a movie and you really hated one of the characters?? To the point where you think to yourself @#$%# if he/she was in front of me I’d smash his/her face in! ARGH!!!

lol if you have and you're crazy like me then that actor/actress has done a fantastic job at playing that character. You see being a magician is very much the same thing but we need to play the part of a Magician not a evil character. The role of a Magician is to be someone who has mysterious powers and can do super human things, you see we need to first learn how to act like we can do these things and not always just *click our fingers* oh my goodness how I hate that action... It’s like EVERYTIME a magician does something magical they click their fingers... It makes me cringe... Ok Im sure you guys get my point now, so trust me and take the time to go to your local state library and borrow a book on acting, a great book is one called
Acting Class: Take a Seat-Milton Katselas.

It does not have to be that specific book but just look for a book that is about acting along the lines of “How to act for noobies” kinda book. You guys probably don’t know this but the art of acting is very addictive too! Don’t be surprised if you find your self engrossed into the book.

Next I want to remind you guys that being in the business of magic does not mean that you have to know CRAZY Dan & Dave flourishes or CRAZY sleight of hand. Remember who are you trying to entertain? Magicians or laymen? I’m telling you right now I can just do a simple routine  and surprise and impress a laymen easily. If you get your head right and understand that we are performing to laymen you’ll quickly realise that becoming successful in the area of Magic is not impossible as you think (Usually as new magicians we tend to perform to other magicians more than we perform the laymen). Look dont get me wrong the flashy things are great if you want to put your time into it but what I’m trying to say is you can still make it with out learning those things, understand that the only thing stopping you from becoming successfu in Magicl is YOU.

I’m going to tell you guys something now that I wish I knew A LOT earlier...
“You do not have to be the best at cards, coins, mentalism, stage etc to make a lot of money as a magician..”

If you can just understand this it will save you so much time, effort and money. You must think I’m crazy for thinking this, but look at it this way have you been to your local magic club? Have you met some of the guys/girls there who have CRAZY skill but are making no money? Well I have, I’ve met so many of them. You see maybe they are happy with that? But if you're already putting in so much effort why not learn to reap the benefits? Just because you are an expert at Magic does not mean you are an expert at the business of Magic (I’m not saying I am, I am just saying). I want you guys to really think about this one, picture this a kid studies architecture for 5-6 years in university, they spend all they time learning the theory and practicals. When they graduate does that mean they are guaranteed to make lots of money? No. They have a wealth of knowledge in architecture but you see to make money they need to understand the business behind architecture. Same goes for Magic, you will need to learn the business aspect.

You must understand  that you need to be a good Magician not the BEST Magician (Disclaimer: if you want to be the best magician by all means go for it! I am not trying to discourage you, I am just pointing out that if you're just a decent magician you can be successful and make good money).
This is definitely a fact, most magicians that make good money are ones that are good businessmen. Remember like most things in life it is a balancing act. If you just learn magic then you’ll be a poor businessman if you just learn business then you’ll be a poor magician.

I’ve waffled on heaps already haha I will write more about the next topic next week! I think I’ve been in this cafe a little too long and the owners are looking at me really weird... *RUNS!

Vinh Giang


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By Willeom

Great post Vinh, looking forward to more :) I was just joking to my girlfriend recently about setting up a table and performing in Chinatown or somewhere….but she said I’m not good enough…so yeah!


love it

By thetw0j0kers

Cheers Vinh, that’s helped a lot! :p

By Samuel

Great article, but you might want to proof read this for spelling and grammar errors.


thankyou soooooo munch this has helped alot looking forward to the next one

By Magicentral

I liked the article and look forward to the next one but some proofreading might help.

By YobEstander

It’s like every people needs money to live and are wishing that they could just make a magic trick to produce it. - YOR Health

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