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Illusionists were AWESOME!!!!

Published: 16 Jan 2013 by Lenny | Comments: 31

What can I say?.......We had a BALL at the Illusionists! 

We were lucky enough to be able to go the the first show the Illusionist had in our hometown Adelaide. We've never spent New Years Eve like this so were VERY EXCITED!

With the connections we had, we were able to perform to the awaiting audience in the foyers of the Adelaide Festival Theatre before the show started. In return, we were able to get 8 free VIP tickets to the show and also the after party where we got to meet the Illusionists themselves and also countdown to 2013 in style with entertainment (live bands, dancers, free booze and finger food). 

It was such a great night but the show was even better! The show had a bit of everything. From an MC (the trickster), to a grand illusionist to an escapologist. We enjoyed every second of the show. There's something about watching world class professional magicians that makes you just watch in awe. Of course Vinh, Jeff and myself knew how most of the tricks were done BUT the showmanship was just amazing. 

Watching the Illusionist cemented our belief that it's the the difficulty of the trick that makes the show. There were really simple tricks that were even more amazing because of the SHOWMANSHIP! The whole friendship agreed that the MC the Trickster and the Anti-conjurer were the best! Their acts were hilarious because they brought up a spectator and just worked the crowd and really tailored they're performances to the audience and the spectator. There were many moments where they had to react to the audience member and the spectator and that was so admirable. We were definitely witnessing world class magicians. 

If the Illusionists come to your town, make sure you see them! It has totally inspired us to work harder on our showmanship and hopefully it inspires you too! 

Here are some quick snaps we took on the night with the Illusionists themselves! 

Friends with the Trickster

Friends with the Trickster! (he's in the somewhere :P)

Vinh and myself with the Illusionists!

Vinh and myself with The Gentle and the Enchantress

Vinh with the Grand Illusionist!

Vinh with the Grand Illusionist

Vinh and his partner with the Anti-Conjurer

Vinh and his partner with the Anti-Conjurer

Startup Weekend 2012!

Published: 10 Jun 2012 by Jeff | Comments: 19

It's been a seriously busy couple of months!

There have been so many things happening that we haven't had a chance to update everyone properly. Over the next few entries, I'm gonna slowly go through all the things that have been going on!

One of the most significant events that has happened is our entry into an international competition called Startup Weekend. The Adelaide event ran on 30 March - 1 April. It was such an incredibly amazing experience, it felt like we were on a TV show!

For those that are not familiar with Startup Weekend, here is their website: It is like Dragon's Den cross The Apprentice. The event ran over 54 hours, and was filled with people from all different backgrounds. There were entrepreneurs, business experts, lawyers, accountants, graphic designers and programmers to name a few. On the first evening (Friday), anyone with a creative technology based idea could stand in front of the group and pitch their idea. They had one minute to do this and then it was up to the next person, and so on. Altogether, there were 46 ideas pitched to the group.

After that, each person was given 3 votes to cast among all the ideas, and the most promising ideas were shortlisted to run in the actual event. Out of the 46 ideas, 19 of them were selected and teams were formed that night. Then it was an insane race to flesh out the idea, do some market validation, set up all the back-end foundations, and create a prototype of the final product, all within 54 hours!

encyclopedia of magic startup weekend 01 encyclopedia of magic startup weekend 02


Helping out all the teams were mentors and experts from many large, successful companies. With the guidance and direction from these brilliant minds, everyone scrambled to set up web pages, identify market niches and create a final pitch that would be presented to a panel of judges. The panel consisted of representatives from Microsoft, InnovateSA and business Angels.

It was a grueling weekend with almost no sleep,  but our team pushed on and did everything we could to prepare our prototype and presentation for Sunday. The idea we presented was a 360 Magic platform, where magic lessons could be viewed through a mobile application through a number of different angles, changing at any point to best aid with the learning process.

encyclopedia of magic startup weekend 03 encyclopedia of magic startup weekend 04


It was almost unbelievable, but we somehow managed to WIN the final pitch and came out FIRST PLACE!!!! We did add a little magic to our presentation, which I am sure helped! The prizes we ended up with were awesome! Help with legal advice, accounting services and mentoring sessions with key business people. The people we managed to meet there were absolutely incredible, and have helped us tremendously since then. There are many new and wonderful things we have planned based on their suggestions, and we are so excited to start implementing everything!

encyclopedia of magic startup weekend 05

Definitely an experience of a lifetime! I would strongly recommend anyone join a Startup Weekend event, if there is one held in their local city!

Encyclopedia Of Magic On Prank Patrol!

Published: 28 Feb 2012 by Jeff | Comments: 20

That's right!
Today we got to feature in an episode of Prank Patrol Down Under! The Australian version of the original Prank Patrol.

Wow, it was such a great experience! Still can't believe we're going to be in an episode of a TV show!
A really massive Thank You to Scott Tweedie (Scotty), Hannah, Verity, and of course to Bettina and the entire ABC3 production team! Everyone was fantastic and we all had such a great experience. It was the first time we got involved in a production like this, with a great director, epic cameras, lighting and sound crew. I hope we did alright on screen! It's kinda scary thinking about what the episode is going to look like, but exciting at the same time!

We featured in a little segment where they meet us and we teach Hannah and Verity some simple magic tricks they can perform in tomorrow's show. The girls were really switched on and picked it all up really quick. We all have our fingers crossed that it works out great tomorrow!
It would've been great if we could've done a few more things there, but time was limited and there was a lot of footage the team needed to shoot. A bit of a shame, but oh well! I mean, how cool would it have been if we could teach Scotty something too! Haha! Maybe we'll be able to meet up with the team again sometime!
Speaking of Scotty, that guy has so much energy its amazing! He can re-shoot the same segment over and over again and keep up the high energy every take. It is so tiring shooting for hours on end, but he really pulls it off well. Props to him!

To be honest, before we got invited to be a part of the show, I didn't actually know about Prank Patrol. Shows how much I know about children's TV..! It turns out that Prank Patrol is actually a top rated show on ABC3, and after looking it up, it is really amusing!
The strangest part is probably when I discovered a number of my friends actually watch the show occasionally! I can only imagine how bizarre it would be if they are watching a random episode, and it happens to be the one that we feature in! Hahaha, but in all seriousness, it is great to be able to be a part of a children's TV show to provide entertainment for so many children all over the world and give them a good laugh!

Go team! Keep an eye on the upcoming episodes, because Encyclopedia Of Magic has officially been a part of Prank Patrol! Woo! xD

I am very curious to know whether anyone here has watched Prank Patrol or Prank Patrol Down Under and what your thoughts are?

2012 is here!

Published: 01 Jan 2012 by Encyclopedia of Magic | Comments: 12

The New Year has arrived!!! Enter 2012!

We are all very excited going into this new year! It is going to be a great new year, full of new and wonderful effects, and going even further than 2011!
If any of you have a special story you want to share about your 2011, then we would love to hear it!
We hope all of you have had an awesome 2011, but wishing everyone an even better year for 2012 to come!

Let's keep moving forward! :D

It’s Christmas Eve!

Published: 24 Dec 2011 by Encyclopedia of Magic | Comments: 9

Today is Christmas Eve! Down here in Australia, it is blistering hot and the weather is perfect for the beach! No snow to be found here!

We've all still been working hard all day today, so we've decided to give ourselves one day off tomorrow for Christmas Day!
From Encyclopedia Of Magic, we wish all of you and your families a safe and fun-filled Christmas with all your loved ones!

Hope that all of you can bring some magic to everyone's lives in this festive season! :)

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