Blending Chicken Breast!

Published: 21 Feb 2012 by Jeff | Comments: 10

Today I went and got myself a new blender! A pretty decently powerful one at that! It was way more expensive than I would've normally paid for a blender, but seeing as I had a voucher from a long while back, I thought I may as well use it!

For many people, eating is one of the most difficult parts to body building. Even more so than the training itself, because it is easy to remain focused and train hard for 45 minutes or an hour. Being able to eat well is something that needs to be managed all day every day. A number of people have told me that blending chicken breast is a great easy way to get quality protein, as an alternative to having to eat the same amount. Personally, I find it very difficult to eat the amount of protein that I should at every meal, because chicken breast tastes remarkably bland and uninteresting. Even more so if it is cooked in a way to maximise health. Because of this, it would obviously be much easier to drink the contents down in one hit and be done with it.

Now blended chicken sounds terrible... but I put it to the test tonight! After boiling the chicken until it was cooked, I put it into my new blender and let it work its magic! The first round came out looking much like sawdust :P so I figured I needed to add water to it. After adding water, it turned out much smoother, and I tried some of it. To be honest, it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It literally just tasted like boiled chicken breast. Bland but not particularly repulsive.

Next I got to adding a few more things to it to make it taste significantly better. I added some garlic, onion flakes, onion salt, some all purpose seasoning, and some carrots. Surprisingly, this time around when I tried it, it was much like drinking chicken soup, albeit a thick and chunky chicken soup. After adding a little bit more water and giving it another whirl, the result actually turned out quite good! It was almost just like a pasta sauce! I have to say I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. It is probably still something that I will get sick of after having it too much, but for now, I think I've found a great way to get my required protein intake without having to choke down chunks of bland meat!

I guess I will also have to see whether or not this actually works in terms of improving body composition. All a work in progress! Can't wait to see the results in a couple of weeks. We are all actually thinking about doing the P90X workout program as well, the reviews for it have been awesome! If we can train to look like spartans in 90 days, then we are all keen to give it a go!

Has anyone tried drinking blended chicken juice? Or maybe tried the P90X workout program?


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By Soap

Ok Jeff m8,
Did u know that there’s more protein in two slices of brown bread and half a can of (low salf and low sugar) beans then in a big piece of rump steak!!
This could be a quick fix if u havnt got any thing else around   :-)

Did I ever mention cooking is one of my loves in life, if your ever on the need of some tasty high in protein low in fat quick and easy recipes I’ll be glad to help
Cheers Bro

By Jeff

Thanks for the tip Soap!

As usual, you are helpful. (not only in magic, but in cooking too!)
I’m always on the lookout for high protein / low fat food options, so any recipes will be much appreciated! Variety is the spice of life, so they say!

Right now, I’m still giving this liquid chicken a trial run, haha! Getting in proper food every 3 hours is a struggle, but this does seem to be helping for now. Let’s see how this bulking cycle goes.

What are your current training goals?

Thanks mate!

By luv2box13

Just Blended my Chicken breast last night for today. Im dreading that first chug but like you I have a major problem eating high protein meats every 2-3 hours. I’ve always been into lifting but now Im trying to bulk more than usual. Saw Derek Poundstone doing it on youtube so I figured What the Heck! Wish me luck brotha… Thanks for the write up


By Jeff

Great to hear other people are trying this Chris!
Good luck with it mate!
It really isn’t as bad as it sounds, haha. It’s like downing a shot of chalk :P I’d rather do that than a shot of absinthe, lol

Would love to hear your progress from this mate! Keep me posted :D

By kingcole24

This is GREAT! I actually really enjoy this. If only it didnt look the way it looked I would get my friends to try it. Did I do it wrong or is it supposed to look not very good?

By Jeff

Haha, it does look pretty awful doesn’t it?!

Well… if you think of it as like a soup or a sauce rather than “blended chicken” it helps a bit! lol
With the right seasoning, it even tastes alright too! :D

I’m so glad that I’m not the only one doing this!

By kingcole24

Hey Jeff I know this is off topic to what the post is but what is your picture of? Obviously it is someone with a card balanced on their face but is this a part of a trick? Thx.

Your friend,

By Jeff

Haha kingcole, that’s actually just me trying to eat a levitating card :P

Coz you know.. that’s not weird or anything… lol

By kingcole24

Oh I thought it was on your nose :D
I was gonna say well you must have great balance, pretty cool though :D

By KirstenRice

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