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Ghost Trick for iPhone!

Published: 20 Mar 2012 by Jeff | Comments: 17

Ghost Trick is a Nintendo DS game that has now been ported over on to the appstore! Woohoo!

Well... to be honest, I actually had never heard of it... until a mate told me about it. You can play through the first two chapters on iPhone, iPad, or iPod for free as well!
It looked pretty cool, and it is made by the same team that did Phoenix Wright, so I thought it was worth trying out. It also won the best handheld game of the year in 2011! Here's the Nintendo DS trailer for it:

That trailer is pretty cool, it shows a snapshot of what the story and gameplay are about.

This is really a game that focuses heavily on the story and plotline, with gameplay thrown in to progress to the next event. It's kinda like watching a movie, but it is interactive. I love this kind of game as they usually have a great plot, as opposed to some lame excuse for a story.

Just briefly, the story is actually about "you" (the character you control) and how you wake up to find yourself dead! That's right, you exist as a ghost in this game. The purpose of the game is to try and find out how and why you died, at the same time seeing the story unfold from the perspectives of many other involved characters. Right from the beginning, the story is intriguing, and does a great job at pulling you in and wanting to find out what happens.

As a ghost, the game gives you the ability to possess objects, and then manipulate or move them. Your "Ghost Tricks". A really cool concept that I haven't really encountered before, you move around possessing different objects in order to change the outcome of certain events. You also have the ability to rewind time, to four minutes before someone's death. And it is with this ability, that you find yourself constantly rewinding time, and then changing someone's fate with "Ghost Tricks".

Just the concept of this is awesome. Imagine being able to possess an inanimate object and moving it! Although... I wouldn't want to be dead to have that power though...

Anyway, I've played through a decent amount of the game now, and it really is very well made. The gameplay is satisfying coz you get to save people and screw over the bad guys. The storyline is great, with many twists and turns and really gets you hooked. The graphics, I have to say, are incredible. I didn't know the DS could handle graphics like this. All the character models are 3D but rendered in a comic like finish, so all the movements are really fluid. The soundtrack is also really good, very happy with that. I guess the last best thing is that you can play it on a super portable device, such as your phone. Anytime you are out somewhere waiting for someone, or on the bus, it is right there in your hands.

All in all, a brilliant game. Definitely worth looking into!

How To Make Money With Magic - Part 05

Published: 13 Mar 2012 by Vinh | Comments: 17

Hii Guys! :D
Ok I think I’ve been talking enough about the mind set, it’s time to ask the question “Where the Hell to I learn magic?!”. -_-” With Encyclopedia of Magic! haha okok this is not meant to be a plug for us so lets go through all the places we can go to learn magic.

Magic Shops
I am not sure if you guys have a shop near you but for me when I first started to learn magic I tried going to magic shops to learn magic. This was an ok experience but the guy at the counter kept trying to sell me dvds and tricks and made it awkward... Now we must understand that these guys are running a business and not a charity, they need to sell these things to make a living. I guess times have changed, I had a magician friend who was a lot older then me and he would tell me these stories how he used to learn all his magic from his local magic shop. He told me how he would help clean the shop and help the owners stack the shelves and the owners would share with him a few lessons in magic. You see when I heard this YEARS ago I thought to my self I’d try it! But things are not like they are back in the old days anymore. Sometimes the owner of magic stores are not magicians and are just businessmen, I’ve been to a few magic shops where the owners are terrible performers and just leave LCD monitors playing the trick. So in my opinion magic shops are a great place to buy lessons but not to learn from.

Magic Clubs
Generally it isn’t easy to find magic clubs especially where I live... in South Australia..
But I have been taught the best way to find and locate magic clubs, just look up in your yellow pages and find a magician in your local area. Give him/her a ring and ask them politely if they know of any magician clubs in your city, this is probably the fastest way to find and locate a local club. Once you guys join these clubs you will be able to access their library of books (hopefully), and also generally the members are very experienced magicians and can give you guys tonnes of advice. To be absolutely honest with you guys from what i have found from my own experience, you can’t go there empty handed. You will need to do some learning before you join a magic club, I think the members usually want to see that you have put in the time and effort to learning magic before they will teach you.

To me Magic clubs were ok but they were not the best. I found it good for getting criticism but not really great for learning (remember these are based on my experiences so don’t take them as gospel ok!).

Good old books, this would be the go to method for learning magic just 10-15 years ago but not so much anymore (for beginners anyway, usually they go straight for the DVDs). You see books are the most cost efficient method of learning magic. How is it efficient? Well sometimes you can get these magic books for free! HOW?! your probably asking well not a lot of people know this but you can go to your local library and ask the librarians nicely (maybe even show him/her a simple trick or two to build the relationship) and see if they can order books in from the national library for you. Most national libraries will have access to Magic books from all over the world. I suggest you start like this and slowly move towards more specialised books that are written by professional magicians.

Books are not the easiest way to learn magic, simply because you are in a situation where you have to translate words into actions and this can be quite difficult at times eg. Take the card with you left hand and turn it 45 degrees while holding your right hand 92.65 degrees tilted towards the left and combine both hands while turning them towards the northpole LOL

Ah this is the best way to learn magic (again this is my opinion ok!). You see magic to me is such a visual art and being able to see how something is meant to be performed really helps us understand how to perform it our selves. When I discovered DVDs and started to learn from videos, this is when I began to improve significantly. Another great thing about watching magic on video is that we are able to rewind and watch lessons from many angles thus thoroughly teaching us how to perform.

The internet is a great place to learn magic because there is just so much information. Now this can be a good thing and a bad thing, I see so many videos on youtube of young kids teaching magic. While I think it’s cute and all at the end of the day most of these little kids can not perform the sleight properly and when they teach it.... It’s really a gg situation where they teach it wrong and those that learn from them learn it wrong and then the kids that learn it from that kid will teach it wrong and the vicious cycle continues. This is why Youtube has SO many terrible magic tutorials, the danger of this is that when someone who is interested in magic jumps on youtube to learn they quickly become demotivated and stop pursuing the art. There are good lessons out there online but they are so quickly being buried by these poorly made tutorials, so if you are looking online make sure you spend the time and effort into looking for a good source to learn from :) and here comes the most shameful plug known to man kind..

We realised this and that’s why we wanted to create an environment where beginners and experts can come and learn together. If you are looking for a place to learn magic online you should really consider learning with us @ Encyclopedia of Magic :D (Sorry I had to do it :P).

I am sure there are many more places to learn magic! Tell me in the comments section below where you learnt magic :) or where was the first place you encountered magic?
PS. We are currently in Korea at the moment! :DD

Street Fighter X Tekken!!!

Published: 05 Mar 2012 by Jeff | Comments: 16

Street Fighter X Tekken!

Cannot wait to play this! As you can see from the cinematic trailer, it is going to be totally super awesome.
I want to do a proper review of this after I've actually had the chance to play it. From what I hear, it is great.

The cast is incredible, with more getting revealed as apparent DLC. Just on that point, it is kinda a bit of a strange and risky move imo, but releasing the game with a set roster and then making people pay more to download the rest of the cast is a bit rough. I mean.. maybe one or two novelty characters included as optional DLC is acceptable (and I have been guilty of buying those... :P) but making a huge extra selection of characters that are not available with the initial game just doesn't seem quite right.

However, things are not really finalised yet (apparently) so I guess we will all have to wait and see.

The graphics in game look amazing, with the same style as the Street Fighter 4 series. To be honest, I was never a big fan of Tekken.. but maybe this will be the beginning of changing my mind.

I haven't actually had too much of an opportunity to read up on all the mechanics of this game (too busy lately...), but even though it practically looks like street fighter 4 - tekken edition, it should play completely differently. Without focus attacks, and introducing tag team combos and Pandora feels almost like it will be an in-between of SF4 and MvC3.

I wish I had the hours and hours of free time I used to have so that I could spend it learning the mechanics and combos... but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. Work is eating my life D:

Hopefully I will be able to take some time out and do some online matches one day!
I sense much hilarity and rage-quitters :D

There are so many more awesome trailers for this, and you can easily find the opening and ending sequences for the teams on YouTube. The story is as expected - completely ridiculous and basically feels like comic relief for the game, but somehow fighting games just need that layer of stupidity to make it feel complete xD